• The Federation

  • Any breeder or fancier of good character and reputation may become an active member of this Federation.

Constitution of the Rosecomb Bantam Federation

The object of this Federation shall be to encourage the breeding and improving of Rosecomb Bantams, all varieties, and bringing together of the breeders of these varieties for their mutual benefit.

Black Rosecomb feathers


Section 1

This Organization shall be known as the Rosecomb Bantam Federation.

Section 2

Place of Business.  The Post Office address of the Secretary-Treasurer shall be considered as the Head Quarters.


Section 1

The object of this Federation shall be to encourage the breeding and improving of Rosecomb Bantams, all varieties, and bringing together of the breeders of these varieties for their mutual benefit.

Section 2

To strive for good fellowship and integrity among the Federation Members.


Section 1

Any breeder or fancier of good character and reputation may become an active member of this Federation.

Section 2

All applications for membership must be accompanied by the set amount for dues and will include 12 months.  All Applications for membership must be accompanied by $10.00 for Junior, $12.00 for single, and $15.00 for family and will be for 12 months from the time of receipt.  Lifetime membership are $150 and will be put into an permanent fund and only the interest may be used for Federation business.  The principal will only be used to build interest in a permanent fund.


Section 1

The Executive Officers of the Federation shall consist of a President, Secretary/Treasurer, Election Commissioner  and 7 Vice-Presidents, one from each of the 7 District, each Vice-President voted on by members of his own District.  These 10 Officers will make up the Board of Directors.

Section 2

The Officers shall serve from the end of one regular election to the end of the next regular election for a term of 2 years.

Section 3

The Officers shall be elected on a biannual basis by mail on a ballot printed in the Federation’s Bulletin.

Section 4

The placing of the Annual National meet shall be by alternating by recognize time zone within  the United States and Canada.  The following are the recognized time zones 1.  Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone, Mountain Time zone and Pacific Time Zone.  The critique for placing a meet in each time zone will be as follows:  Any National Meets proposals for the following year will be voted on by Board of Directors each year at the National meet if one or more is proposed, otherwise a ballot will be sent to each Board of Director by March 1 to be voted on.  Board members in time zone that the National is schedule  to be placed should get proposals to Secretary by February 1st, so ballots can be sent out on time.   Proposal will start in the next time zone west of the Indy show.  The National bids from a time zone will be voted on the by the following:   Awards given by the show, kickback to the club on rosecomb entries, ability to pick from club’s judges or select the judge from available show judges  and will be in a accessible location to members of the Rosecomb Bantam Federation to attend.  The Board of Directors will look at bids and select the National bid that best represents this by vote of Executive Board present at the National or mail ballot.  The Director and State Representative who District the National meet is held will be in charge of the meet and help in anyway possible.  If no bids are received by a districts scheduled to have a meet in their time zone then the meet will automatically be scheduled where ever the ABA National is scheduled.


Section 1

To alter or amend this Constitution and By-Laws shall require a 2/3 majority of the votes cast and voted on only during the Federation’s biannual election of Officers.




The President is the Chief Executive Officer and shall preside at all meetings and appoint all special committees; and shall have authority to appoint any officer resigning or through death or inability to handle their office properly.


In case of the President’s absence or his inability to act at a meeting, the Vice-President of the District in attendance shall act as presiding officer.



Section 1

It shall be the duty of the Secretary/Treasurer to conduct all correspondence of the Federation and to keep correct minutes of all meeting.  He shall carefully preserve all past records pertaining to his office, including the copy of the Constitution and By-Laws, the Minute Books, Report of committees, Petitions, Communications belonging to the Federation, and keep a correct account of the receipts of the Federation’s expenditures.

Section 2

He shall make annually a full financial report of the Federation in the issue of the Federation’s official Publication that reports the election results; members added or lost; any other important matters of interest to Federation members.


Section 1

The 10 man board of Directors shall constitute the Executive Board and through their mutual understanding appoint a President if the case may arise.  The appointed President to hold office until the next biannual election is held.

Section 2

The 7 vice-presidents are to act as Directors of Show and Publicity for meets placed in their Districts.

Section 3

The duties of the Vice-Presidents shall be to appoint a State Representative from each State in their District immediately after the Vice-President’s election to office.  The term of the State Representative shall be as per Article IV, Section 2.  The Vice-President , together with the State Representative, shall superintend meets within their District, assuring that a representative of the Federation will be in attendance at each and every meet; to assist in making the meets a success; encourage members to exhibit more Rosecombs at more Shows; to solicit breeders of Rosecombs to become members of the Federation; and to help to place larger classes of Rosecombs before

District meets shall be placed in this manner:  The District and State Representative (if so designated) may place meets in their District.  They will assure the Federation’s Secretary that the proper listing is placed in the Show Premium book and that Show Reports will be mailed to the Secretary within 30 days of the listed meet.

Section 4

The duties of the Publicity Directors shall be to gather current facts about the Federation’s activities and to endeavor to place this information before the public by means of all communication channels available.

Section 5

The 7 Vice-Presidents may turn in their bills for postage to the Secretary-Treasurer and be reimbursed for money expended on behalf of the Club.

Section 6

The Election Commissioner’s duties are to send to each member of the Federation, not later than Sept. 15th of the election year, the nominating ballot for Officers.  The ballot may be included in the Federation’s News Letter.  All nominations are to close Oct. 15th. The ballot shall be prepared as soon as possible after Oct. 15th with the names of the nominees for the various offices who have agreed to serve if elected.  Closing date for the election shall be Dec. 1st.  Officers shall take on the duties of their office Jan. 1st after elected.  The election Commissioner shall be appointed by the President and shall be reimbursed for stationary and postage used for the election.  The Election Commissioner will be in charge of all bylaws or amendments vote ballot counting by tally votes and will send ballots and tally to secretary/treasurer for record keeping.

Section 7

The Federation shall publish a Yearbook annually or when financially possible.  This publication to contain reports on the National Meet, adjacent  subjects, pictures of interest, advertisement, and articles submitted of interest to Rosecomb breeders and exhibitors.  The cost of this publication shall come from the income from the advertisements sold.  Deficit to be taken from the Federation’s treasury.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be the Yearbook Editor. The Yearbook shall contain a list of members and a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws. It shall be the duty of all officers to secure advertisement for the Yearbook and to forward this to the Secretary-Treasurer.  The closing date for advertisement shall be the first part of the year in order for the Yearbook to be published as early a possible.

Section 8

The Board of Directors may change awards at anytime as deemed necessary, but the change will not take effect until January 1st of the following year. All awards offered by the Federation shall be open to competition to members in good standing only. In order to qualify for any award offered by the Federation there must be at least two members exhibiting and twenty-five (25) Rosecomb bantams shown for all meets other than a Special or State .  A Special or State meet at this time requires 10 (ten) Rosecomb bantams shown by two Federation members.  Non-members will be listed on meet reports to members.

Section 9

The exhibitor may save his points for the following and accumulate them as long as they want, but all request for cashing in points must be in writing to the Secretary and how they wants to spend their award points. These are for the open Class only and will follow the point system for yearly Exhibitor of the year:

Points may be redeems for the following:

  • 300 points =  Rosecomb Federation Cap 
  • 500 points =  Roscomb Federation T-Shirt (personalize with name, City and State)
  • 1000 points = Rosecomb Federation Golf Shirt (personalize with name, City and State)
  • 3000 points = Rosecomb Federation Coat (personalize with name, City and State)

     ------Or You may redeem points for cash--------

Every 300  points may be redeemed for $5.00 Cash instead of Clothing awards

Points will also be on a continual basis for Lifetime Achievement Awards even if cashed in for other prizes and cash.

Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award 5,000 points listed in the Yearbook every year, Plaque, Golf shirt (personalize) and $50.00.

Silver Lifetime Achievement Award  10,000 points listed in the Yearbook every year, Plaque, Golf Shirt (personalize),  Lifetime membership, and  $100.

Gold Lifetime Achievement Award 15,000 points listed in the Yearbook every year, Plaque, Ball Cap, Golf Shirt and Coat (personalize), Lifetime membership, free full page yearbook ad for life and $200.

The Rosecomb Bantam Federation may donate up to $100.00 for any National Rosecomb meet.

Juniors will receive a ribbon for best of Breed and Reserve of Breed and ribbons  for best of variety, unless trophies or plague are donated in place of the ribbons.  To qualify for a ribbon there must be five birds in the breed and two Rosecomb Federation junior exhibitors in the junior division.  Best of Variety ribbons will be given if five birds are in the variety and two Rosecomb Federation junior exhibitors show.

Article  IX - Rosecomb Bantam Federation Point System

Best of Breed at all Rosecomb Bantam Federation sanctioned shows National, District, State, and Special meets to be awarded two (2) points x number of rosecombs entered in breed (Double points if BB is a non-black)

Reserve of Breed at all Rosecomb Bantam Federation sanctioned shows National, District, State, and Special meets to be awarded one (1) points x number of rosecombs entered in breed ( Double points if RB is a non-black)

If Rosecomb wins Reserve RCCL add an additional 5 extra points (Doubled if non-black).

If Rosecomb wins RCCL add an additional 10 extra points (Doubled  if non-black).

If Rosecomb wins Reserve Champion Bantam add an additional 5 points (Doubled  if non-black).

If Rosecomb wins Champion Bantam add an additional 10 points (Doubled  if non-black).

NOTE:  Sanctioned show is where Meet meets requirements of the Rosecomb Bantam Federation Bylaws to qualify as a meet with requirement of number of exhibitors and number of rosecombs shown.

Example…BB Red winning best of breed, RCCL and Champion Bantam would get the following: 82 Rosecomb show X two (2) point = 164 point.  The 164 points would be double since BB Red is non-black = 328 points.  There would be additional add on points for RCCL of ten (10) points, Champion Bantam of 10 Points additional points.  This would be double for forty (40) points and added to the 328 points for winning best of breed for a grand total of 368 points