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Black Rosecomb male owned by William Patterson


Rosecomb Colors

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White rosecomb male, rosecomb chick and barred rosecomb pullet

Membership Information and Current Members

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Rosecomb Chick sitting in pink flowers

The Rosecomb Bantam Federation was founded in 1947, and is dedicated to the promotion, exhibition, and improvement of the beautiful little aristocrat of the bantam world, the rosecomb bantam.

Those Beautiful Little Aristocrats of the bantam world. A properly bred Rosecomb in top condition is a bird to reckon with on Champion Row. The Rosecomb Bantam Federation is rich with tradition from the past. We invite you to become a part of our great Federation and help return the Rosecomb Bantam to the forefront of our fancy."

~ Billy Garrison, Past President, Rosecomb Bantam Federation

Annual Dues (per year unless otherwise stated)

  • $10.00 juniors
  • $12.00 Regular Individual Membership
  • $15.00 Family Membership
  • $150.00 Lifetime to the Rosecomb Bantam Federation