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The Rosecomb Bantam Federation cordially invites all lovers of that Grand Old Breed, the Rosecomb Bantam, the world over, to join our federation. Only through the united support of all Rosecomb Breeders can we raise this great breed of Bantams to the high pinnacle in the poultry kingdom it rightly deserves, and to bring this club to the same elevation.

By: Past Secretary-Treasurer, Henry E. Keller, 1949

The Rosecomb Bantam Federation was founded in 1947, and is dedicated to the promotion, exhibition, and improvement of the beautiful little aristocrat of the bantam world, the rosecomb bantam.

Rosecomb Bantams
 – those Beautiful Little Aristocrats of the bantam world. A properly bred Rosecomb in top condition is a bird to reckon with on Champion Row.

The Rosecomb Bantam Federation is rich with tradition from the past. We invite you to become a part of our great Federation and help return the Rosecomb Bantam to the forefront of our fancy.”

- Billy Garrison, Past President, Rosecomb Bantam Federation

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